Kalpavriksha Foundation recently organized the grand HOLY COW Festival in ISKCON Auditorium, New Delhi. Menaka Gandhi ji, Renowned Speakers, Goshalas and all the participants have appreciated a lot for this festival...

Vedic Gift Package

Exclusively Gift Packs for Deepawali, X-mas, New Year, Marriages, Birthday.Gift Pack contains Pure Healthcare Products Cow Panchgavya, Organic & Dairy Products.

(Ordering of this Gift Packages would be one of the best CSR Initiative to support the noble cause of Cow Protection.)

Kalpavriksha Product Store

Unified Branded Cow Bi-Products to attain the Self Sufficiency in Goshalas & Rural Communities. (Click for Kalpavriksha Product Collections) Why Kalpavriksha's Cow Bi-Products are better:
      * 100% Ahimsak product (Life time care of cows)
      * Prepared from only Pure Indian Breed Cows bi-products
      * Natural & Purest quality herbs used
      * Full Tested via Vedic & Hi-Tech Scientific Approaches
      * Supervision by professionally qualified dedicated team.
      * Eco-Friendly and Eye-Catching Packaging
      * Profit goes for cow care

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Goshala - Cow Bi-Products

One Stop Store of all India's Goshala Bi-Products
      * Personal Care Items
      * Home Care Items
      * Pooja Items
      * Nutrition & Health
      * Medicines
      * Organic Products

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Indian Breed Cow Milk Products

India's Best Quality available for Puja, Gifting & Festivals
      * Cow Milk Powder
      * Cow Ghee
      * Sweets - Peda
      * Sweets - Rasgulla
(Comparison between Indian Breed Cow Milk and Buffalo/Hybrid Cows)

Cow's Education Material

      * Books
      * Paraphernalia
      * Magazines
      * Newsletters
      * CD's / DVD's
      * Technical Documents
      * Promotion Material

Vedic Decoration For Walls

From Cow Dung by Brajwasi Artists.

Best for your home, offices & workplaces. It brings Health, Wealth & Devotional Prosperity into life.

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Cow's : Photo & Paintings for Sale

(By world renowned Artists)

Brings peace and abundance into your life. Purchase or Gifting of these photos & paintings  will support a noble cause of cow protection.

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Kalpavriksha's Souvenir

Resource guide for Goshalas, Dairy, Organic Farmers, R&D Institutes & all Cow Lovers.

(Email your address to get FREE copy of Souvenir)

Our Offices

India :

187/18, 3rd Floor, Amritpuri, East of Kailash, Nr.ISKCON Temple,
New Delhi – 110065
Phone : 91-11-26232743
Skype : kalpavrikshavedicclub


2050 E Joy Road, SAN TAN VALLEY, Arizona 85240, USA
MAILING ADDRESS: 1642 E Erie St, Chandler, AZ 85225-5210, USA
Phone: 001-480-814-1372, 001-480-695-4543

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Objective Of Cow Campaign

      Seminars in Temples, Schools, Colleges & Corporates
      Organize Cow Events to connect cow lovers
      Go-Grass initiatives to feed street cows
      Goshala Tours and Village Preaching.
      Make goshalas / villages self sufficient by cows. Distribution of Cow Bi-Products

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Upcoming Cow Events

      2 Days Advanced Health Seminar based on Cow Panchgavya Therapy will be conduct by world renowned Cow Therapist Shri Uttam Maheshwari ji from Mumbai.
      Weakly cow lovers meeting at ISKCON, East of Kailash, New Delhi.
      Monthly Goshala Tour

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Opportunities for Cow Lovers

      Become Gau-Sevak (Volunteer Seva for cows)
      Become Gau-Bhakta (Jobs – Part/ Full time)
      Become Gau-Pracharak (Franchise)
      Become Gau-Palak (Adopt a Cow)
      Become Maha Gau-Palak ( Adopt a Goshala)
      Become Gau-Gram Palak (Adop a Village thru Cows)

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Cow Contest

      * School Students
      * College Students
      * Professionals
      * Senior Citizens
(Email us to participate in upcoming contest)

Kalpavriksha Support Center

      * For Product Development
      * For Product Marketing
      * For any Consultation
(Email/ Call us for required support)

Information About Mother Cow

      * Glories of mother cow from scriptures
      * Importance of cow panchgavya
      * 10 Ways to serve our mother Cow
      * What you can do to protect Cows
      * Quotes in the glorification of mother cow
      * Literatures on mother cow
      * Important websites in the service of mother cow
      * FAQ's 

Training Center - Cow Projects

      (Free Offsite Training to serious Cow Lovers
      * Cow Bi-Products Development
      * Vermicompost Development
      * Organic Farming Training
      * Marketing & Promotion
      * Goshala Management
      * Cow Care
(Email your Biodata to apply for training)

Free Health ConsultancyNCY

      Shri Uttam Maheshwari, Mumbai : 09869433439
      Dr. Shyam Singh Purohit, Pathmeda : 09414425463
      Dr. Mukeshji, Mathura : 09927485903
      Dr. Anuradha Gosavi, Nagpur : 0712-2725449

Dr Cow

Cow Ambulance Seva

Call for any sick or injured Cows
      Noida : 09911002200
      South Delhi : 09818434399
      North Delhi : 011-25447751