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Kalpavriksha Foundation recently organized the grand HOLY COW Festival in ISKCON Auditorium, New Delhi. Menaka Gandhi ji, Renowned Speakers, Goshalas and all the participants have appreciated a lot for this festival...


Exclusively Gift Packs for Deepawali, X-mas, New Year, Marriages, Birthday.Gift Pack contains Pure Healthcare Products Cow Panchgavya, Organic & Dairy Products.

(Ordering of this Gift Packages would be one of the best CSR Initiative to support the noble cause of Cow Protection.)

DOCTOR COW Product Store

Why DOCTOR COW Products are better :

      * Mfd. under ISO & GMP Certified Co.
      * Licensed by AYUSH, FSSI
      * Prepared from panchgavya of indian breed cows
      * Natural & Purest quality herbs used
      * Ahimsa product
      * Unified Brand to support ALL Goshalas
      * Eco-Friendly and Eye-Catching Packaging
      * Profit goes for cow care


Making Divine Cows Self Sustainable
      * Personal Care Items
      * Home Care Items
      * Nutrition & Health Items
      * Cow Pathy Ayurvedic Medicines
      * Organic Products
      * Pooja Items
      * Vedic Gift Items

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Indian Breed Cow Milk Products

India's Best Quality available for Puja, Gifting & Festivals
      * Cow Milk Powder
      * Cow Ghee
      * Sweets - Peda
      * Sweets - Rasgulla
(Comparison between Indian Breed Cow Milk and Buffalo/Hybrid Cows)

Cow's Education Material

      * Books
      * Magazines
      * CD's / DVD's
      * Technical Documents
      * Promotion Material

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Vedic Decoration For Walls

From Cow Dung by Brajwasi.

Best for your home, offices & workplaces. It brings Health, Wealth & Devotional Prosperity into life.

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Cow : Photo & Paintings for Sale

(By world renowned Artists)

Brings peace and abundance into your life. Purchase or Gifting of these photos & paintings  will support a noble cause of cow protection.

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Benefits of Indigenous Breed Cows over Hybrid Cows

Native/indigenous Breed Cows
1 ) The Hump is found in Native cow or bulls. This is useful and necessary to carry the load on there back.

2) The Dewlap is developed below the neck to large extent. Due to this their heat resistance capacity is increased.

3) The Bulls of these cows are very active and useful in all respect for agricultural activities. They cross 2 km in 18.2 Minutes. There horse power is more.

4) The maintenance expenditure per native cow is Rs. 4517.73.

5) The midcycle estrus during menstrual period is less. The split heat or estrus is found 0.7%.

6) The indigenous is breed is less susceptible to the diseases like FkuSyk jksx] ijthoh jksx] gjiht fo"kk.kq jksx etc. about 21.4% The fFkySfj;k disease in found in 9.88% cows.

7) The native cows grow in Indian atmosphere and can tolerate the temperature variation from 0.4 to 48- 500 c without affecting their productivity.

8) The maintenance of these this is less expensive and no separate arrangement for their dwelling is required. They can live nearby owner's house or in a small cottage. under abnormal living conditions their productivity decreases 5 to 10%

9) Due to the disease resistance power the native cows are not sutured frequently from a small disease. and the financial losses are less. In rural are the survival rate is 80-90%. The globulin - level is more in
native cows which helps to maintain their health. the certain -level is less .

10) The milk of native cows is more nutritious. Some active ingredients are found in their milk which is responsible to fight agent any disease.

11) The calves of native cows when grown up become best bullocks which are used in agricultural work. They remain strong and active in any atmosphere/ climate. The bullets are mainly used to pull the underground water, to carry agricultural products from villages to cities, to carry passengers and luggage in marriage Trucks, Tractors etc are used for such type of work, which requires Petrol/Diesel. Due to this Air Pollution is increased and we are dependant on imported fuel.

12) It is assumed that while breathing, the native breed leaves Oxygen in sufficient quantity which is useful to human beings.

13) Since native cows are lers susceptible to any academic diseases. the possibility of clSyk jksx] {k; jksx] etc in the them is less. The human beings can stay nearby such cows. There is no harm to their health.

14) Various Ayurvedic medicines are prepared from"Panchgyavya" i.e. cow milk, Gomutra, Curd, Ghee and Cow dung. These Ayurvedic Medicines are proved to be effective and useful in many cornice diseases.

15) The native cows are preserved for milk, Calves and for other products like cow-dung, Gomitra etc. These are no need to vaccinate this cow with a Hormone like Oxytoxin which is poisonous.

16) The cows-dung of native breed is used to surface the walls if a house to Various Microscopic organisms are Present in cows-dung of indigenous breed which
works as probity.

17) It is believed that by sleeping nearby the native cows the diseases like tuberculosis is cured and you remain mentally balanced.

18) The cow-dung of indigenous cows who feeds on green grass is odorless and has many medicinal properties.

19) The cows-dung of indigenous breed is most effective medicine for Clara various.

20) The native cows remain healthy and their productivity is not affected and they can conceive even in unfavorable atmospheric conditions.

Exotic breed/ Hybrid Cows

1) The back of exotic breed is straight. Due to this they are not useful to carry the lord.

2) The Development is not to that extent and their heat resistance power in less.

3) The bulls of exotic breed is inactive and not useful for agricultural work. They cross 2 km. in 19.4 minutes and their H.P. is also less.

4) The maintenance expenditure per exotic cow is Rs. 7437.57

5) Midcycle estrus is more, the split heat is found about 1.33%- nearly Double.

6) This breeds is more susceptible to these diseases about 72.7%. creamery etc. Now a days Buses,

7) This breeds can live in cold climate Only and can not tolerate hot -climate. In hot-climate their productivity is reduced. The chances of their illness is more due to which death can occur Native/indigenous breed.

8) The maintenance expenditure is much more. They require separate living arrangement in cold climate. In abnormal living condition their productivity decreases to 70.80%.

9) The exotic breed cows are susceptible to even small diseases as they do not have adequate resistance power. Even they die in same small diseases. In rural area their survival rate is 40-50%. The Globulin lever in exotic breeds is not adequate. The cretonnes level is more.

10) The milk -yield is more is exotic -cows. Due to this their milk is less nutritious and water percentage is more in their milk on compared to native cows.

11) The calves of exotic breeds are lazy and their working capacity is less. The grown up bullers are also not very much useful in agricultural and other work. protect it from radiations.

12) In exotic breed no such evidence in found.

13) The exotic cows are easily susceptible to any academic diseases, They are found suffering for Micoplasma, Laptospies etc. The persons coming in content with such cows are also found suffering form diseases like Tuberculosis, Brussels etc.

14) So for, there is no such evidence of medicinalutility of the products obtained from exotic and cross
breed cows.53

15) The exotic or crossbreeds cows are preserved mainly for milk. When they stop giving milk they are inoculated with a poisonous Hormone-Ox toxin. The milk obtained after this inoculation is harmful to human health.

16) Such information is not available in case of exotic breeds.

17) If you sleep nearby exotic breeds cows you are liable to suffer from various diseases.

18) The exotic or cross breed cows mostly consume grains and their cow-dung has peculiar odor and id has no mendicant properties.

19) No such specialty is found in cow-dung of exotic breed

20) The exotic or cross breed cow can not sustain the unfavorable atmosphere. Their productivity decreases. The mortality rate increases and conception problems
occured in unfavorable atmospheric conditions






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I used Indian Breed Cow's ghee prepared from curd through traditional churning process with Indian Breed Cow's milk for 1 month, my weight got reduced by 5 kg.
Prem Priya Devi Dasi (ISKCON Devotee)

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