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Kalpavriksha Foundation recently organized the grand HOLY COW Festival in ISKCON Auditorium, New Delhi. Menaka Gandhi ji, Renowned Speakers, Goshalas and all the participants have appreciated a lot for this festival...


Exclusively Gift Packs for Deepawali, X-mas, New Year, Marriages, Birthday.Gift Pack contains Pure Healthcare Products Cow Panchgavya, Organic & Dairy Products.

(Ordering of this Gift Packages would be one of the best CSR Initiative to support the noble cause of Cow Protection.)

DOCTOR COW Product Store

Why DOCTOR COW Products are better :

      * Mfd. under ISO & GMP Certified Co.
      * Licensed by AYUSH, FSSI
      * Prepared from panchgavya of indian breed cows
      * Natural & Purest quality herbs used
      * Ahimsa product
      * Unified Brand to support ALL Goshalas
      * Eco-Friendly and Eye-Catching Packaging
      * Profit goes for cow care


Making Divine Cows Self Sustainable
      * Personal Care Items
      * Home Care Items
      * Nutrition & Health Items
      * Cow Pathy Ayurvedic Medicines
      * Organic Products
      * Pooja Items
      * Vedic Gift Items

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Indian Breed Cow Milk Products

India's Best Quality available for Puja, Gifting & Festivals
      * Cow Milk Powder
      * Cow Ghee
      * Sweets - Peda
      * Sweets - Rasgulla
(Comparison between Indian Breed Cow Milk and Buffalo/Hybrid Cows)

Cow's Education Material

      * Books
      * Magazines
      * CD's / DVD's
      * Technical Documents
      * Promotion Material

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Vedic Decoration For Walls

From Cow Dung by Brajwasi.

Best for your home, offices & workplaces. It brings Health, Wealth & Devotional Prosperity into life.

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Cow : Photo & Paintings for Sale

(By world renowned Artists)

Brings peace and abundance into your life. Purchase or Gifting of these photos & paintings  will support a noble cause of cow protection.

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No.1 Unified Brand of Cow Products to support Goshalas

Gau-Mutra Ark
* Reduces fat and lowering cholesterol levels
Strengthens heart & brain, protect from strokes
Effective in Liver, Jaundice, Hepatitis-B, any Stomach problems, Diabetes, Cancer and Chronic illnesses.
* Increases the life span and immune system of body.
* Restores balance of the three doshas (vata, pitta, kapha)
* Protects from side effects of long term usage of drugs
* Brings consciousness to higher levels (mode of goodness)
Product Code : MD002 Product Name :
Gau-Mutra Ark
QTY. :500 ml. M.R.P : INR.145/-
Very effective for B.P, Fat loss, stomach problems, mental and physcial strength, strengthen body immunity, purifies the blood, Cures piles, asthma and diabetes.
Product Code : MD003 Product Name :
QTY. :120 tablets. M.R.P : INR.80/-
Pain Relief Oil
Very effective in relieving pain like joint pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, waist pain and muscle pain. Useful for Arthritis. It can also be used as invigorating massage oil.
Product Code : MD004 Product Name :
Pain Relief Oil
QTY. :50 ml M.R.P : INR.80/-
Digestive Powder
Very effective in curing constipation, acidity, gassiness, indigestion, ulcers, piles, nervousness, insomnia, high B.P., rheumatism, loss of appetite, headaches due to indigestion and pesticides, fertilizers and helpful in removing the toxixs from the body.
Product Code : MD005 Product Name :
Digestive Powder
QTY. :50 g M.R.P : INR.60/-
Diabetes Powder
Ayurvedic medicine to effectively controls the blood sugar and urine sugar. No side effects.
Product Code : MD006 Product Name :
Diabetes Powder
QTY. : 250 g M.R.P : INR.250/-
Netra Jyoti - Eye Drops
Useful for eye related discomforts, red eyes, burning and itching sensation, immature cataract, watery eyes etc. prevent the early stage of cataract and effective to enhance vision.
Product Code : MD007 Product Name :
Netra Jyoti
QTY. :15 ml M.R.P : INR.40/-
Nasal Drop
Helpful in the treatment of more than 90 ailments like migraine, sinus, paralysis, tension, stress, insomnia, problems related to ear and eyes, indigestion etc. For more detail, hear Cow Therapy Audio CD.
Product Code : MD008 Product Name : Nasal Drop
QTY. :10 ml M.R.P : INR.80/-

Tooth Powder
* Make gums Healthy, Teeth strong and Bright
* Prevents tooth decay and refreshes breath
* Cures oral infections, mouth ulcers an sore throat
* Keeps pyorrhea away.
* Reduces sensitivity of teeth and gums towards hot and cold food stuffs and water

Product Code : PC001 Product Name :
Tooth Powder
QTY. :70 g M.R.P : INR.80/-

Body Pack / Angraag Powder
* Anti-Bacterial, Antiseptic, Anti Fungal
* Removes pimples and spots on face
* Keeps the skin fresh and glowing
* Protect the body from leprosy, cirrhosis and other skin diseases

Product Code : PC002 Product Name :
Angraag Powder
QTY. :100 g M.R.P : INR.50/-

Herbal Oil
Herbal oil for Healthy Hair and Body massage

Product Code : PC004 Product Name :
Herbal Oil
QTY. :100 ml M.R.P : INR.85/-

Herbal Shampoo
Removes Dandruff
* Make Hair Soft & Silky
* Strengthen the hair roots

Product Code : PC006 Product Name : Herbal Shampoo
QTY. :100 ml M.R.P : INR.85/-

Herbal Shampoo
Removes Dandruff
* Make Hair Soft & Silky
* Strengthen the hair roots

Product Code : PC007 Product Name : Herbal Shampoo
QTY. :500 ml M.R.P : INR.320/-

Milk Powder of Indian Breed Cows
* Prepared from Pure Indian Breed Cow's Milk
* Light milk, easy to digest
* Increases memory
* Reduces Fat & Cholesterol
* Best for Drinking, Cooking, Religious purpose, Medicines and Various Therapies.
* Pure & Instant Milk solution for travelling, festivals and personal use.

Product Code : NT001 Product Name : Milk Powder

QTY. :
10 g
(for 2 Cup Tea)

100 g
(for 1 Ltr. Milk)

1 Kg.
(for 10 Ltrs. Milk)

M.R.P :

INR : 10/-



Indian Cow's Pure Ghee
Indian Cow has a rich history which is mentioned in Ayurveda. DOCTOR Cow Ghee is prepared from Indian Breed Cow's Milk.

It can be used for Puja, Cooking, Fire Sacrifices etc.

Product Code : NT003 Product Name : Cow's Ghee

QTY. :

250 ml

1000 ml

M.R.P :

INR. 240/-

INR. 795/-

Indian Cow's Ghrit
Indian Cow has a rich history which is mentioned in Ayurveda. DOCTOR Cow Ghrit is prepared from Indian Breed Cow's Milk through Curd.

Cows are kept in stress free environment, grazing natural herbs, cared by cow lovers with a relation of mother cow - Gaumata. Usage of DOCTOR COW Ghee can bring real peace, happiness and prosperity in the society.

It can be used for Medicines, Various Therapies, Puja, Cooking, Fire Sacrifices etc.

Product Code : NT004 Product Name : Cow's Ghrit

QTY. :

250 ml

400 ml

1000 ml

M.R.P :

INR. 395/-

INR. 620/-

INR. 1490/-

Gau-Cola Drink
* Ayurvedic Drink to effectively controls the problems of acidity & gastric.
* Makes intelligence sharp and increases memory.
* Keeps mind peaceful and bring the person in the mode of goodness.
* Can be used for squash, flavoured milk preparation.

Product Code : NT005 Product Name : Gau-Cola Drink
QTY. :500 ml M.R.P : INR.169/-

Cow Dung Cakes
* Prepared from Pure Indian Breed Cow Dung
* Useful for fire sacrifice, pooja and various religious rituals.
* Best for performing Agnihotra during sun rise and sun set.

Product Code : HC001 Product Name : Cow Dung Cakes

1 Box (60 Pcs. small)
1 Box (30 Pcs. small)
1 Box (6 Pcs. big)


M.R.P :


Plant Nutrient
Plant nutrient is a organic pesticide that provides key element to plants and helps to drive away pests. Natural pesticide can be used for agricultural purpose to offer better plant growth.

Product Code : HC002 Product Name :
Plant Nutrient
QTY. :100 ml M.R.P : INR.50/-

Organic Floor Purifier
* Made from natural organic material
* For complete hygiene & cleanliness
* Removes bad smell from toilets & drains
* For cleaning floors, tiles, marbles & glasses
* Repels termite, cockroaches & insects
* Economical in use

Recommended for : Temples, Hospitals, Nursing homes, Industries, Offices, Hotels, Restaurants, Institutes - Schools, Colleges, Domestic purpose.

Product Code : HC003 Product Name : Floor Cleaner
QTY. :1 Ltr. M.R.P : INR.100/-

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