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Kalpavriksha Foundation recently organized the grand HOLY COW Festival in ISKCON Auditorium, New Delhi. Menaka Gandhi ji, Renowned Speakers, Goshalas and all the participants have appreciated a lot for this festival...


Exclusively Gift Packs for Deepawali, X-mas, New Year, Marriages, Birthday.Gift Pack contains Pure Healthcare Products Cow Panchgavya, Organic & Dairy Products.

(Ordering of this Gift Packages would be one of the best CSR Initiative to support the noble cause of Cow Protection.)

DOCTOR COW Product Store

Why DOCTOR COW Products are better :

      * Mfd. under ISO & GMP Certified Co.
      * Licensed by AYUSH, FSSI
      * Prepared from panchgavya of indian breed cows
      * Natural & Purest quality herbs used
      * Ahimsa product
      * Unified Brand to support ALL Goshalas
      * Eco-Friendly and Eye-Catching Packaging
      * Profit goes for cow care


Making Divine Cows Self Sustainable
      * Personal Care Items
      * Home Care Items
      * Nutrition & Health Items
      * Cow Pathy Ayurvedic Medicines
      * Organic Products
      * Pooja Items
      * Vedic Gift Items

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Indian Breed Cow Milk Products

India's Best Quality available for Puja, Gifting & Festivals
      * Cow Milk Powder
      * Cow Ghee
      * Sweets - Peda
      * Sweets - Rasgulla
(Comparison between Indian Breed Cow Milk and Buffalo/Hybrid Cows)

Cow's Education Material

      * Books
      * Magazines
      * CD's / DVD's
      * Technical Documents
      * Promotion Material

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Vedic Decoration For Walls

From Cow Dung by Brajwasi.

Best for your home, offices & workplaces. It brings Health, Wealth & Devotional Prosperity into life.

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Cow : Photo & Paintings for Sale

(By world renowned Artists)

Brings peace and abundance into your life. Purchase or Gifting of these photos & paintings  will support a noble cause of cow protection.

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Welcome to Kalpavriksha Foundation

An NGO founded in 2009, by the inspiration of ISKCON Founder Acharya His Divine Grace A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada & with the blessings of His Holiness Gopal Krishna Goswami Maharaj to serve Lord Gopal, Gaumata & Humanity.

..............Krsi-go-raksya-vanijyam vaisya-karma svabhava-jam

The Supreme Personality of Godhead has instructed in the Bhagavad Gita, "Farming, Cow Protection & Trade are the natural work for the vaisyas.

- Bhagavad Gita (18.44)

VISION : GOSEVA for Health, Wealth & Devotion

MISSION : Make divine cows self sustainable

PLATFORM : "DOCTOR COW" The First Unified Brand to support Goshalas.

COMMITMENT : Global Distribution of Cow Products

Kalpavriksha photo gallery:

Holy Cow Events :
First ever Cow Event to glorify the importance of Mother Cow & its Panchgavya Healthcare Products. Wonderful platform to connect all cow lovers and offer Health, Happiness & Devotional Prosperity to the Society. Event includes includes kirtan, gaumata puja, film, play, exhibition, lecture and presentations, prasadam prepared from Pure Indian Breed Cow's Ghee & Milk.
Visit upcoming events section to participate >

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Cow Panchgavya Products Distribution :
Kalpavriksha Cow Bi-Products kiosk - One stop store of cow panchgavya, Dairy and Organic Products from top goshalas of India. Products available are from Pure Indian Breed Cows only from AHIMSA Goshalas only, where cows are taken care with love and affection for full lifetime, as a relation of Gau-Mata. Kalpavriksha is expanding distribution network into every parts of the country by offering franchises.
Join Kalapavriksha's Franchise Network and become Gau-Pracharak.

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Goshala and Rural Consultancy :
Offering Support for Gau-Palan in Cities and Rural Areas based on self sufficient model thru technical and marketing consultancy. Transforming the cow centered projects from loss to profit thru Cow Panchgavaya Bi-products.
Fillup our Consultancy form today to get support.

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Cow Care :
There are so many sick goshalas in India, where accidental cows, abondoned cows and calf are in the crises of food stuffs, medicines, infrastructure, cow care takers etc.
Become Kalpavriksha Patron Member to take care sick goshalas and street cows, who are in urgent need.

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Gau-Grass Seva :
Gau Grass Riksha Seva Team collects fresh Gau-Grass (Chapati, Rice, Vegetable Leaves, Flour, Grains etc.) every morning from homes and feed to Goshala & Street cows with love & affection, which were eating garbage earlier.
Sponsor one Gau-Grass Riksha for your area and be a part of this cow feeding program to get the divine blessings of mother cow.

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More of Kalpavriksha:

Kalpavriksha's Catalog :
Please view our catalog to know more about our orhanisation and movement.

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Media/ Press Coverage for Kalpavriksha :
Please read more about news and media coverage of our activities.

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Bank Details


For Cow Products
Branch : HEL, Bhopal
Account No. : 900420110000778
IFS Code : BKID0009004 

For GOSEVA Donation
Branch : BHEL, Bhopal
Account No. : 2544101016959
IFS Code : CNRB0002544

Objective Of Cow Campaign

Upcoming Cow Events

      Cow Pathy Health Seminars
      Panchgavya, Organic & Dairy Training
      GOSEVA for Health, Wealth & Devotion
      Goshala Tour
      Cow EDP Workshop
(Email your contact details for Events schedule)

Cow Pathy Health Consultation

(By Cow Pathy Doctors)
* Dr.Aggarwal ji
* Shri Uttam Maheshwari ji
* Dr. Shyam Purohit ji
* Dr. Mukesh ji
* Dr. Niranjan Verma ji and many more ...
Email : WhatsApp Message : +91-8839228679

II Option : PREMIUM.... (By Telephone / Personal Meeting, Register for PREMIUM Cow Pathy Health Consultation)

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Kalpavriksha's Souvenir

Resource guide for Goshalas, Dairy, Organic Farmers, R&D Institutes & all Cow Lovers.

(Email your address to get FREE copy of Souvenir)


I used Indian Breed Cow's ghee prepared from curd through traditional churning process with Indian Breed Cow's milk for 1 month, my weight got reduced by 5 kg.
Prem Priya Devi Dasi (ISKCON Devotee)

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Cow's Medical & Ambulance Seva

Call for Sick or Injured Cows

9897198410 | 9302330945
9893944650 | 9412492975
9411201758 | 8273067755
9412432975 | 9911002200
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